About Anthony Graham

Welcome to my website
This website shows a portfolio of my favourite photographic images to date. Landscape photography is my passion and there is not much I enjoy more than being out in the countryside of the British Isles with a camera. I love to visit different parts of the country and see the amazing variety of landscapes it has to offer and witness the myriad ways in which light plays across the land.

For some years now I have been passionate about capturing these moments on camera and have been teaching myself the necessary skills and techniques needed to achieve this. Anyone that has tried to take decent landscape photographs will know that there is far more to it than meets the eye. Dull, flat looking scenes with washed out skies are the norm for any photographer yet to learn the craft but by studying the work of others, learning the basic fundamentals of camera control and beginning to truly see and read light it is possible to weave the magic and create good landscape images.

I have long been inspired by the photographic work of Joe Cornish whose ability to illustrate nature at its best never ceases to fill me with awe, wonder and respect. I had the good fortune of attending one of his landscape photography workshops recently and hoped that some of his magic would rub off on me. Of course in reality that wasn't going to happen as Joe is not a magician. What I have learnt is that of course he possesses tremendous artistic ability and natural talent but perhaps more importantly he continues to work at mastering the craft. Practice is the magic ingredient which anyone can employ if they want to get better at photography or anything else for that matter.

The images on this website are to show you how far I have come and where I am now with my photography and to remind me of how much further I've yet to go. Of course there is no final destination on the horizon of this journey just the desire to improve and remain passionate about the process.

I hope you enjoy this website.

Anthony Graham

Suffolk sunset