About this website

This website shows a collection of my favourite photographic images to date. There is not much I enjoy more than being out in the countryside of the British Isles with a camera. I love to visit different parts of the country and photograph the amazing variety of landscapes it has to offer.

For some years now I have been passionate about capturing the landscape at its best and have been teaching myself the necessary skills and techniques needed to achieve this. Anyone that has tried to take successful landscape photographs will know that there is far more to it than first meets the eye. Dull, flat looking scenes with washed out skies are the norm for any photographer yet to learn the craft but by studying the work of others, learning how to take control of the camera and developing the vision needed to compose a balanced image it is possible to create good landscape images.

I have provided some information and anecdotes about most of the images to provide an insight into how each was taken and processes used. Hopefully this will prove useful to aspiring photographers and be an interesting read for all.

The main purpose of this website is to share my images with others in the hope that they will be liked but it is also the desire to share my experience of the wonderful countryside and landscapes these fabulous isles have to offer. I am pleased with my progress and seeing how far I have come since my first tentative steps but it is also a useful reminder to self that there is still room for improvement. There is no final destination of course just the desire to improve and remain passionate about the process.

I hope you enjoy this website.

Anthony Graham

Old Man of Storr